Is your business prepared for the bad times as well as the good ones? Professional business continuity planning is something that all organisations know is essential. However, 95% of business leaders said their crisis management capabilities must be improved.

Whether faced with a natural disaster, security threat or even financial block, with the right plans in place, companies can weather storms by deploying protective strategies. ISO 22301 is one of the most popular ISO certifications which is recognised across the world. In fact, it saw an increase of 82.9% in 2020, which has continued to show a popular uptake during recent years.

If you want to know how to get the ISO 22301 certification and the benefits for your business, keep reading.

What Does ISO 22301 Cover?

ISO 22301 is an international standard from ISO that covers Business Continuity Management (BCM). By implementing a framework that can monitor issues and keep operations running smoothly at all times, this standard helps organisations to prevent, prepare for and respond to any unexpected incidents.

As with all other ISO certifications, 22301 has the power to safeguard each department within a business. This offers enhanced security and means that other aspects, such as company culture and financial performance, are improved. This also highlights one of the main differences between ISO 22301 and Cyber Essentials, as ISO has a further expanding reach, offering more protection across the board.

Why Is Business Continuity Planning Essential?

Why Is Business Continuity Planning Essential?

Business continuity planning is important as it requires a company to define and understand all risks they could be subject to. Without an advanced view of scenarios, organisations will struggle to deal with impacts that come their way as the processes for recovery will not have already been defined.

Not only can this lead to a loss of money, drops in productivity and lessening of staff morale, but it also shows stakeholders that the business is not set up desirably.

ISO compliance implementation is a brilliant way to protect a company and its assets from the worst times. All ISO standards are created with change and scaling in mind. Ensuring a company is resilient and able to change gives it the best chance of surviving any negative impacts.

A succinct continuity plan protects all valuable assets, from money to data. No matter the size of a business, the risks are all the same and relative, so it’s highly recommended that some form of planning is carried out.

It’s also worth mentioning that business continuity doesn’t just relate to external situations. Yes, some of the main issues that spring to mind are likely to do with outside factors, but the internal risks should not be forgotten. Anything from the loss of an IT network link to multiple team member outages can lead to issues should a plan b not be in place.

The Benefits Of ISO 22301

Now, for the reason you have clicked on this article. The benefits associated with all ISO standards have some similarities across the board, the main one being aligning teams with a shared purpose. In this case of 22301, operations keep moving along even when an undesirable situation occurs.

The advantages specific to ISO 22301 are as follows:

Assets Are Always Protected No Matter the Situation.

One of the main benefits of ISO 22301 is that it encourages a framework of plans to be outlined to keep assets safe during exposure. This could be anything from client data in a data breach of cash flow if a supply chain collapses. By understanding the risks, measures that protect what’s important can be implemented.

ISO 22301 requires a constant auditing cycle, which ensures any processes are updated in light of modern risks. This mindset of constant awareness can also be applied to other areas of a business, providing additional benefits.

Furthermore, the produced frameworks require cross-functional working and understanding, ensuring businesses are working agilely. This gives all stakeholders the confidence to work through any issues while reducing the impact of the sometimes inevitable situation.

Improved Brand Image and Capabilities.

Being associated with any form of ISO certification works wonders for the reputation and image of a company. This is because ISO has global notoriety, which everyone knows relates to quality in every sense of the word.

As well as improving the employees, suppliers and customers’ confidence in a business, this ISO standard also ensures clear communication lines are in place should an issue occur. This protects everyone whilst keeping operations moving along.

Companies with ISO 22301 offer an appealing image as they also have greater self-awareness. This leads to improvements in business growth and more opportunities on a global scale.

Satisfy the Requirements of Regulations and Insurance Related to Your Sector.

Compliance is the best way to meet rules and regulations, as it means the right processes are embedded in everything a business does.

As with all other ISO standards, 22301 requires developed reporting and testing, which can be used to satisfy different regulatory needs. This improves risk awareness and allows cost-savings through meeting various standards your business may be required to adopt.

Additionally, taking the time to consider how risks are handled allows a greater understanding of how a business aligns with various industry standards.

Free’s up Management to Focus On Wider Issues.

Last but not least, with the right 22301 framework in place, a less hands-on approach to navigating issues can be adopted.

Instead of management and key stakeholders needing to constantly be involved in defining strategies and processes, they are each assigned areas to look after. Furthermore, most of the definition work is done during the adoption stage, which means that once the certificate has been achieved, things can tick along nicely when supported by audits. This provides transparency for all, which can offer further benefits to company culture, employee engagement and overall knowledge that a company possesses. One of the main areas of business continuity planning is assigning tasks to resources.

A big part of this is ensuring the right stakeholders are in place at all times, which can be a complex task for recruitment and team changes. ISO 22301 offers a further benefit in that it can support hiring managers with understanding the priority of role fulfilment, which allows costs to be streamlined and recruitment managed sustainably.

A confident manager will benefit an entire business, which is exactly what ISO 22301 achieves.

Who Is ISO 22301 Suitable For?

ISO 22301 is ideal for companies of all sizes. This is because the processes reflect that all businesses face risks, with the outcomes being relative to the company in question.

For larger companies, ISO 22301 ensures everyone is on the same page with clear frameworks. An impact might not make huge waves within a large organisation but if left untreated, it has the power to affect all departments. For smaller businesses, a risk could lead to the complete loss of everything, so planning for risk management is essential.

Some of the main differences will include the number of stakeholders, the requirement to use external resources, costs associated with continuity planning and the overall investment that ISO 22301 will need.

Choose Creative Networks For ISO 22301 Support!

Choose Creative Networks For ISO 22301 Support!

Hopefully you now understand just how essential ISO 22301 is for companies of all sizes. Our leadership team has made it their mission to help businesses stay on track thanks to solid IT networks. With ISO 22301, you can do just that whilst working in a financially efficient way.

To learn more or to find out about how Creative Marketing can help your business become ISO 22301 certified, contact us today.

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