What is Level 3 IT Support
What is Level 3 IT Support

Did you know that IT downtime can cost a business as much as £4600 per minute?

Keeping an IT infrastructure running without issues is a complex task, but one that can be easily achieved with the right people. IT support at all levels is very much the technical glue that holds every aspect of a business together. This busy service area is responsible for everything from keeping teams connected when working virtually to maintaining a fully functioning online presence.

What is Level 3 IT Support? This article will explore the world of advanced IT care and look at why your business needs this essential help! At Creative Networks, we believe that a succinct IT strategy is the most effective way to keep data and teams safe. Keep on reading to find out more.

What does Level 3 IT Support include?

When issues are at a critical level or require the most experienced of IT professionals to resolve, Level 3 IT Support is the solution. Within companies, this form of help should be used as the top-line of assistance, allowing experts only to be exposed to issues that any of levels of team support cannot resolve.

At this level, you will find IT specialists and experts within their fields. The salary for Tier 3 Technical IT Support is shown to be £37,522 in the UK. Still, many roles can command a much higher price tag depending on experiencing and the size of the business. Most commonly, companies will choose to either bring in a professional that can look after all areas or invest in specialists depending on the type of business in question. This is because Level 3 IT Support covers many business-critical areas, including Cyber SecurityDisaster RecoverySystems BackupServers, and Telecommunications.

If even one of these areas needs to be fixed, an entire business can be stunted, meaning that Level 3 IT Support is one of the most important roles that companies of all sizes can fill.

Which roles are commonly found in a Level 3 IT Support function?

What is Level 3 IT Support
What is Level 3 IT Support

As we have mentioned, companies can either bring in an all-around IT specialist or invest in a professional that will benefit their situation. With responsibilities to keep companies operating safely whilst being Security Compliant, these roles often work closely with other key business figures such as board management and other department heads.

A company’s roles will greatly be impacted by several aspects, including operating industry, budget, product or service, and scaling plans, so we always recommend consulting with a professional agency before building your own IT teams.

The main roles that are covered under Level 3 IT Support are the following:

Software and Systems Engineers – Professionals in these roles are responsible for building and maintaining systems within a business. This includes both mainstream and bespoke systems, meaning that companies can use the expert knowledge within this position to offer their business a unique competitive advantage.

As the element of computer science that focuses on software development, testing, and maintenance, Software and System Engineers can command an average salary of £49,510 in the UK.

IT Architects – Moving into IT Architects, these experts are responsible for the digital design of a company’s networks. It is their responsibility to create the networks, programmes, and security processes a business relies upon. The roles can cover many different areas, including domains, enterprise solutions, security, and programming.

As the starting block for many IT solutions, these professionals also have a key role to play in resolving associated issues, both in the form of new problems or vulnerability management.

Computer Programmers – When it comes to coding, managing and running software, a computer programmer is a role you need. This can range in scope from operating programmes to production line needs depending on the business. Still, the same core skills remain for all tasks.

Network Engineers – Offering a solution for digital operating issues, network engineers are responsible for looking after data within an IT infrastructure. This is one of the more common Level 3 IT Support roles that companies choose to fill as it can range in level of experience offering different salary brackets to choose from.

This role is also important for not just looking after own-company programmes but also connecting with third-party software to ensure safety compliance in all operations.

IT Specialists/Managers – Last but not least is an IT manager who has a responsibility spanning the entire IT network. Whilst these professionals will have an expert level of IT knowledge, they sometimes do not have skills in all fields, so they commonly work alongside other people to get the job done.

The benefit of working with our IT specialist agency is that you only need to pay once for access to all the above. This ensures your business can save money, access the entire range of IT specialisms, and represent itself professionally in the market.

What are the other tiers of IT support?

Level One: Level 1 IT support is the first level of support for companies. This covers troubleshooting issues such as software access, hardware usage, cyber security defences, customer support, collating data, setting up accounts, providing support for wider teams, and many other forms of operations that keep a business running on a daily basis.

Level 1 support will not commonly work with Level 3 as it is the role of the connecting professionals to pass information across of resolved the issues at play.

Find out more about Level 1 IT Support by clicking here.

Level Two: Level 2 IT support is the middle level of escalation for IT issues. The main tasks are often for Level 2 technicians to solve any major technical issues that could not be fixed by level 1 support. This could include anything from a software access requirement to cyber security risks that need specialist escalation measures.

Level 2 professionals often have some skills that lend them to working directly with the top-level of support, but still require to pass issues across when they are not able to resolve.

Find out more about Level 2 IT Support by clicking here.

What are the benefits of having Level 3 IT Support?

What is Level 3 IT Support
What is Level 3 IT Support

Keeping your business running smoothly is just one of the main reasons that we always recommend Level 3 IT Support for businesses. The other benefits include the following:

  • Having this level of troubleshooting help provide transparent chains of commands and routes to resolution. This feeds into successful contingency planning and improves the overall operating efficiency of a business.
  • Employees are always kept happy and operational. Dealing with IT issues and not feeling empowered by the technology solutions that are provided is one of the main causes of upset for employees. Having a team that can resolve issues and mitigate risks can therefore have a direct impact on company culture and overall employee experience levels which in itself has many benefits.
  • Security compliance is easier to maintain as clear resolution, and operating processes are in place.
  • Level 3 IT support can also provide financial savings through skills covered and business protection. The well-round professional or team of experts have the abilities that are required to keep a company operating without risk.
  • IT software and hardware are used properly, allowing the maximum potential to be unlocked. There is nothing worse than paying to support a business with elevated solutions and teams not using them the way they could be for the highest possible return on investment.
  • Customers are also kept happy as they are never faced with IT issues. This positively impacts the brand perception of a company and ensures that if a business is scaled, the existing networks can be used to meet consumer needs constantly.

Do all companies need Level 3 IT Support?

In our expert opinion, every business stands to benefit from Level 3 IT Support. No matter your company sizes, issues such as security risks and team operations are of paramount importance.

Our own service model has been created to make these skills accessible to every business.

For smaller companies, this level of knowledge is key for elevating performance and ensuring that the IT network is set up for professional operations. Without this top-line support, a small issue could escalate and have long-lasting impacts on performance.

For larger corporations, these professionals make big business possible. By facilitating safe operations, these larger companies can focus on the many other tasks being thrown their way so that performance never has to suffer for the sake of an IT weakness.

Check out our case studies to see the examples for yourself!

Do you now understood what is covered by Level 3 IT Support?

Level 3 Technical Support is the highest level of professional IT knowledge that any business needs to operate without limits. From building bespoke architecture to fighting of security breaches, the experts at this level have the know-how to perform technical magic in a short space of time.

To find out more about our own levels of IT support, contact us today as we guarantee that having the right help will elevate any business!

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