More than 200,000 people are set to have to pay an extra 9% to use Microsoft services after April 2023, according to an update from the software giant.

As is the case for many companies, the fluctuation of the dollar and other currencies means that disparities have arisen between the amount that companies and sole users are paying worldwide. Announced on January 5th 2023, Microsoft has decided to align the pricing for their cloud products globally to remain competitive and fair across all regions. This is largely because the products can be purchased in more than 300 countries all of which are liable for the same inflation and service updates due to the one-fits-all solution that Microsoft offers.

Alongside the 9% rise for GBP customers, there is also an 11% increase for DKK, EUR and NOK, and a 15% rise for SEK customers. Whilst this rise may shock some clients, it aligns with the company’s core value to offer trustworthy computing, which provides expert business resources for all. Microsoft has also been in the process of updating its European pricing for the past eight years, with the first cost adjustment having been made in August 2015 to the Euro.

By making these changes now, Microsoft has ensured that all remaining regions are aligned so that any future hikes are reflected evenly.

How can you delay having to pay an additional 9% to use Microsoft Cloud products?

With companies across the UK already facing rising costs due to the cost-of-living crisis and supply chain impacts, we understand that this news will be far from ideal. However, you will be happy to know that this will only affect new customers after April 1st, meaning there is time to act now if you want to secure the existing rates for another year. Our Microsoft 365 packages, if purchased before the start of the new financial year, would only be subject to the new prices upon renewal of your annual fees in 2024, as they would be classed as a new term as of 2023.

Whilst many companies are likely waiting until the new financial year to invest in new software solutions, the merits provided by Microsoft Cloud are a no-brainer when it comes to bringing teams together virtually.

Investing in your Microsoft Cloud solutions before April 2023 means that you can spend the next year seeing how the platform works for your business before committing to the increased fee. By acting now, you will protect your subscription for the next twelve months, which in our mind, makes complete business sense.

Why does Creative Networks recommend Microsoft Cloud solutions for business?

Even with the additional 9% fee, we still believe that Microsoft Cloud offers superior and safe operating solutions for companies of all sizes. With Microsoft Cloud subscriptions having risen by 24% in the final quarter of 2022, it is clear how many businesses also agree with us.

We have a team of IT professionals that support Microsoft Cloud solutions as we believe the business benefits include the following:

The platform offers superior security across a global operating model.  

Cloud networks offer the best operating style for companies whilst still being compliant with many industry standards. Microsoft Cloud solutions offer an easy-to-use set of programmes which are also cyber security enhanced to ensure your teams are never at risk. It is also intended for use across many different regions, making it ideal for cross-collaboration with internal teams and business networks.

Value for money is ensured with all-inclusive packages and annual pricing models.

From asset management tools to communication channels, Microsoft Cloud programmes allow bespoke networks to be created for each business using the ready-made programmes available. For a set fee, companies can scale and upgrade their IT infrastructures to meet changing business needs without stress. Our team is also fully proficient in all programmes, meaning that we know how to create a unique network for any business requirement.

Employees are used to the programmes which improve overall operating efficiency. 

Facilitating confident team performance is another benefit we have seen first-hand during our various case studies. Whether teams are working on a hybrid basis or are all based in one building, the modern employee expects superior connectivity and ease of collaboration at a very minimum. Microsoft Cloud offers solutions that people are likely to already be confident in using so that performance can be elevated from the moment a new account is created.

What can Creative Networks offer you?

Microsoft Cloud is the ultimate in-company alliance allowing your teams to access content from anywhere at any time. We understand that consistency is key, especially when business influences are changing rapidly in the modern world.

Microsoft Cloud offers you a way to manage your networks for a fee that remains the same for an entire year. If you invest in this solution through Creative Networks by March 31st 2023, you will also benefit from paying 9% less than your fellow competitors who choose to adopt the system in the new financial year.

Our services include the following:

  • Account creation and support for each member of your team
  • Alignment with your existing IT infrastructure for a seamless integration process
  • Additional security inspections and testing, which is already assured thanks to the in-built protection features
  • Management of your data and backed-up files to ensure that information is always available

Learn more about our Microsoft Services by clicking here.

Find out about the Creative Networks Microsoft Cloud services today!

Price hikes on essential software are something we all expect, but if you act now to secure your Microsoft plan before April 2023, you will get a whole extra year of using the platform without incurring the new fees. Managing your Microsoft accounts via the Creative Networks commercial agreements ensures your company is protected from any changes outside of its contract, which will be essential for the coming year.

If you want to act before it is too late and make a financially sound decision, please visit our website, call 03303 337 337, or email right now.

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