What is Level 2 IT Support 1 What is Level 2 IT Support

With 68% of employees saying they face struggles with some form of technology or software at work, it is no surprise that most businesses prefer IT assistance.

If you are a business owner or IT leader and have found yourself searching for ‘What is Level 2 IT Support?’, then you are in the right place! Technical support is one of the main functions that a busy IT department is expected to provide. With the task covering all hardware and software needs, outsourcing the task is a great option for operating more efficiently.

Statistics such as 54% of employees needing significant technical training only further anchors the escalating demands for Level 2 IT support.

At Creative Networks, we are experts in providing all levels of assistance to companies from all sectors, so you have stumbled across the perfect article to find out more! Keep on reading to explore the world of Level 2 support so that you can find the perfect solution for your business.

What is Level 2 IT Support?

Level 2 IT support is the second level of escalation for IT issues and covers various factors depending on the business. The main tasks are often for Level 2 technicians to solve any major technical issues that could not be fixed by level 1 support. This could include anything from a software access requirement to cyber security risks that need specialist escalation measures.

This level of support still requires contact with customers and employees but also acts as a line of communication for wider groups such as third-party companies and IT directors or Level 3 support.

The professionals in these areas of responsibility often have expert knowledge of IT systems and an awareness of more complex matters that would be solved by Level 3 support.

What are the other levels of IT support?

What is Level 2 IT Support 1
What is Level 2 IT Support

The beauty of all forms of IT support is that they can be either managed in-house or outsourced, meaning there is a solution for any budget. Alongside the middle Level 2 support that this blog is covering, the other forms of support are listed below:

Level One: Level 1 IT support is the first level of support for companies. This covers troubleshooting issues such as software access, hardware usage, cyber security defences, customer support, collating data, setting up accounts, providing support for wider teams, and many other forms of operation.

The tasks covered at this level allow wider IT functions to operate more efficiently as the base-level operations are being managed. Most commonly, more junior professionals undertake these roles. However, don’t let that fool you into thinking that experts are not required, as an understanding of IT infrastructures and processes is imperative.

Find out more about Level 1 IT Support by clicking here.

Level Three: The most senior level of IT support an organisation can have is Level 3, which relates to the top-level activities needed to keep a company operating safely. This can cover anything from security compliance to whole company cloud performance, offering a unique form for every type of business.

This level, like the others, is largely automated but does rely on specialised support from the most senior or IT personnel to keep things operating successfully.

Find out more about Level 3 IT Support by clicking here.

What are the responsibilities of IT Support Level 2 professionals?

Reporting to the IT department lead, Level 2 support is commonly needed to implement the tasks that the first line of operations has highlighted. The most common tasks that we included within the Level 2 responsibilities are the following:

  • Install and construct both hardware and software depending on team requirements. An example of this is our own Microsoft 365 serviceswhich help teams confidently use the full plethora of associated programmes for limitless working.
  • Follow up on tickets and tasks assigned by Level 1 IT Support.
  • Action any Cyber Securitymanagement that falls at the particular level or note issues for an efficient escalation process.
  • Work directly with company employees on a range of projects concerning IT reliance. This covers onsite and remote support depending on a company’s set up and relies upon strong lines of communication from all parties.
  • Set up Telecommunication Networksso that teams, regardless of location, are connected seamlessly.
  • Work on maintaining Security Complianceapproved data networks to keep operations running correctly.
  • Train new and existing staff.
  • Deploy software and hardware solutions for new needs.
  • Working directly with Level 3 support and management to provide further support when required.

As the go-between for both Levels 1 and 3, Level 2 IT Support is a busy role that requires and confident and educated IT professional to be successful. Luckily for all our clients, we only work with the best!

What are the benefits of Level 2 IT support?

What is Level 2 IT Support 1
What is Level 2 IT Support

Level 2 Support is essential for progressing issues that Level 1 professionals cannot solve. This shows just how important having an escalation process is, as without one, potentially damaging IT risks could severely impact a company. 83% of risk managers have chosen to update this form of contingency planning since the pandemic, as the risks are higher than ever before.

Another benefit is being represented professionally within operating markets. This is relevant when trying to hire top talent, secure new customers, and being able to stand out against competitors. A strong IT network shows that a business is serious about safe operations and is set up for scalable success. This indicates a positive future which automatically evokes trust and loyalty.

Other advantages also include happy teams, more efficient decision-making, improved overall security, and time efficiency improvements for more senior staff members.

How much does Level 2 IT Support cost a business?

In the UK, the average cost to employ a full-time Level 2 IT Support professional is £29,443. This can fluctuate depending on the experience level but is a cost that many companies need to factor into IT budgets. This will, of course, also need to be situated alongside professionals of both Levels 1 and 3 and an IT manager, taking your spending on IT to the higher side!

The benefit of outsourcing this level of IT Support, along with others, is that companies can benefit from spending less and receiving a better service. In-house team members are more likely to be distracted and overwhelmed by queries, whereas outsourced members can better manage workflows to improve operating efficiency.

Is Level 2 IT support only for large companies?

No, not at all! Companies of all sizes will benefit from taking a tiered approach to their IT networks. This is because it offers a cost-effective structure which ensures all areas of operations are being managed, with no gaps being exposed to risks.

We find that sometimes company size does affect the amount of outsourced vs in-house talent. For smaller companies, outsourcing more work is a great way of bringing in additional talent that could have potentially not been afforded if people were being hired. For larger companies, a mix is often favoured as the additional IT support helps team members carry out their jobs and still be contributing to strategy with no tasks being left in managed.

Our thought is that company size should never impact on the talent that is available as a resource. We offer cost-effective packages that a range of businesses have already taken advantage off to elevate their IT support needs. You can view our case studies to find out more!

What departments can benefit most from Level 2 IT support?

Due to the level of support offered within this service, all departments can be helped. This is because the outcome of Level 1 activities influences the workload, and this could span across the entire business depends on the IT infrastructure that is in place.

Elements such as security and employee development are greatly improved by offering a succinct way to manage problems and a clear escalation process. Level 2 Support is also known for providing training support, which can again be applied to any department. Whether a customer services team needs help using a new piece of CRM software or a marketing team, has cyber security queries concerning a website update, Level 2 professionals are the ones to deal with these issues and many more. It is one of those roles that never have two days being the same!

Do you feel confident in knowing what is meant by Level 2 IT Support?

Level 2 Support is the glue that holds your IT escalation strategies together. By offering a range of resolutions and contingency skills, these professionals can make the life of top IT managers much easier.

By adopting a levelled approach to your own IT Support, you can have peace of mind in knowing that issues will be sorted by a skilled professionals. If you are assigning a task that is outside of knowledge or below a skill level, the solution is not going to be effective. Brining in the right level of skills is therefore, essential.

To find out more about our own levels of IT support, contact us today!

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