No matter the industry you are operating in, we guarantee that It support is at the centre of everything you do. This is just one reason that has resulted in 65% of It services being outsourced, with many more businesses looking to follow suit in 2023 and beyond.

The future of It outsourcing represents a landscape in which more industries will undergo digital transformation, resulting in added pressure on internal teams. The solution is to bring in subcontracted help from IT agencies that can add all the missing skills for an affordable cost.

Knowing that you need support is one thing, but choosing an agency that aligns with your working style, company values, and budget requirements is a separate task altogether. As specialists in It outsourcing at Creative Networks, we are experts in creating bespoke service packages that suit each of our clients.

Thanks to our wide range of clients from varying industries, we are confident in sharing our top tips for how to select an It support company that will be perfect for your needs. Continue reading to learn more.

What is an It Support Company?

An It support company is responsible for aiding in all aspects of It services, ranging through the entire software and hardware categories. With the UK’s digital transformation market being valued at $29.44 billion in 2022, it is clear that increased support is needed to operate successfully within modern markets.

It support companies provide help in areas of information technology management that a business does not have covered. Whether this is in place of costly team members or as an extension to an existing department, having this added expert knowledge means that companies can run more efficiently.

There are also different levels of operations carried out by It support companies meaning that business can tailor their contracts to suit immediate and future requirements. Some support areas covered include backup managementcloud operationsdisaster recoveryemployee IT support, and telecommunications management.

To learn more about what It companies do, click here to read out blog post covering the topic in more detail.

What Are the Benefits of Working with an It Support Company?

Every task a company does relies on having a robust information technology network. Whether you need to print a document, update a CRM, or even send an email, it is all facilitated by It professionals.

Choosing to bring in the help of an It support agency doesn’t just mean that tasks can get done, but also provides many other benefits. The below are just a selection of the main advantages from which our clients benefit.

Improve Business Productivity

Working with a team of experts from an It support agency will improve your company’s overall digital skill level. With a quarter of business owners alone saying they lack digital skills, it is clear to see the support needed to help all companies reach the high level of technical knowledge needed to operate in 2023 and beyond.

It support functions also keep employees on track, resolve any problems promptly, and can implement changes to It infrastructures which enable reactive business operations to take place.

Benefit from Focused Support

Unlike business in-house It managers who are constantly pulled in various directions, It support companies can provide focused support. This means that there is always someone managing every element of an It network which is essential for mitigating risks.

The agencies also contain a plethora of experts in different fields. This means that specialist tasks, such as security management and UI designing, can be managed without outsourcing. Having access to professionals who can handle each It demand means that each project is a direct focus which keeps It operations healthy.

Streamline It Spending

The spend on It in the UK is set to rise by 5% throughout 2023. This is reflective of the increasing digital demands place on all companies. Given the unstable nature of the UK economy and the increase to the cost of living, this could mean reduced profits for some businesses.

When you choose to bring in an It support company, you can still invest in your infrastructure but without the costly commitment of full-time staff. This means no corners need to be cut for budgets still to be maintained.

Bring in Expertise to your Team

Last but not least is the fact that It support agencies can provide all levels of experts for one fee. This stops the need for multiple outsourced contracts to be in place. By working with one agency for all your needs, a better working relationship can be established, which keeps your current employees happy.

This also removes the stress of searching for new experts or delaying projects due to a lack of expertise.

How Should You Choose the Best It Support Company for Your Business?

When choosing any agency to work with your business, a particular range of criteria should be considered. This ensures that you place someone who shares your values and working styles to ensure the best chance of success.

We believe that the following qualities are what you should be looking for. These have been collated because of our experience offering outsourced IT support to a range of different clients for more than 15 years.

  1. Experience

Firstly, you want to select an agency with proven experience in providing the services you require support with. To help our prospective clients learn about us, we share case studies highlighting the various contracts we have fulfilled.

To assess this, you should consider the length of time the company has been trading for, how long the team have been in place, and what industries have been covered.

  1. Services

The range of services covered should also be considered as the last thing you want is to select an agency that cannot carry out all your tasks. To successfully support business operations in modern markets, we recommend that an agency covers all aspects of security management, risk planning, employee support, hardware maintenance, and software execution.

  1. Brand Perception

Just like if you were shopping for a new product, finding out what people have to say about an It support agency is important. To do this, you should research company reviews and testimonials online with extra attention paid to the most recent comments.

Creative Networks is proud to be one of the top It consultancy companies in the UK which is represented by a 5-star Google rating.

  1. Reaction Times

It support services should provide additional functionality to your business. We believe that one way of doing this is providing quick response times.

Whether you would like 24/7 support or just need someone to answer your queries quickly, you should assess potential agencies based on your own criteria.

  1. Strategic Experience

Information technology as a function is woven tightly into the various aspects of a company’s operational strategy. If this is important, you should also choose an agency based on its strategic capabilities.

Within our services, we offer planning and execution of all forms of It support as we believe that providing a complete solution is the best way to help businesses of all sizes.

  1. Rapport

For an It support agency to make the biggest impact on your business, you must develop a strong working relationship. Due to the sensitivity of data and the magnitude of the tasks being carried out, you must work as partners on every level.

When choosing your agency, we recommend setting up some scoping meetings or a trial project to assess how your teams work together. This will give you a good idea of the working style and help you decide which is the best company for you in the longer run.

What Areas of Business Operations Can an It Support Company Assist With?

There are many different forms of It support that a well-versed It company should be able to help you with.

IT agencies should be able to also provide professional reporting and insights covering all aspects of software and hardware management. This allows decision-making to be improved and various functions to work together seamlessly.

Another area that should be covered is security compliance and cyber securityIT support teams are responsible for implementing the procedures that allow companies to achieve elevated results while protecting them from risks. It support companies should manage this entirely, taking the pressure away from the company they are working with. This should also cover disaster recovery, with the It agency able to resolve any problems.

Employee care in the form of account management, various system requests, and project support should also be offered. This form of It support allows employees to go about their daily roles without barriers.


Other areas of management include telecommunicationsserver maintenance and backup systems.

When choosing the right agency for you, you should already know the areas they will need to cover. This will allow you to assess their full suitability and ensure you are not left with gaps in your resources after you have signed a contract for services.

Can Creative Networks Help Your Business?

By offering a complete range of services which protect every aspect of an It network, we are set-up to ensure companies run smoothly.

If you want to enquire about our support options, please contact us today.

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