Benefits of Managed IT Services

Managed IT services offer companies a way to successfully manage IT networks without pulling their resources off other projects. Outsourcing IT support in the form of managed IT services is now a popular choice amongst many businesses. This is just one of the reasons why the IT services market is projected to be worth $89.22 billion by the end of 2023.

Understanding the need for additional support is one part of the challenge. At Creative Networks, we believe the full potential of a company can be unlocked when they have a view of the benefits that managed IT services can bring. This allows for more detailed strategic planning, better use of budgets, and improved operational efficiency across all departments.

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What Are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services is a term that relates to a whole host of IT support functions. Supplied by a managed service provider (MSP), the services cover network, application, infrastructure, hardware, software, and security needs.

Information technology is a complex business function that the entire company relies upon. Without efficient management, businesses struggle to retain a competitive advantage, and sensitive data is left vulnerable to exposure.

Many companies choose managed IT services as it offers a cost-effective way to invest in technology and professionals.

You can learn more about what IT support companies do by clicking here. 

Managed IT Services Benefits

As with any form of service outsourcing, companies can enjoy many benefits. Within IT management, these advantages have a massive responsibility for elevating security, business exposure and overall competitiveness.

Below is the Creative Networks list of the top benefits that managed IT services offer:

1. Improved efficiency in operations.

An outsourced managed IT service provider can significantly enhance a company’s productivity due to quicker response times. IT teams are commonly one of the busiest departments in a business, with help desks being a source of assistance for the entire organisation.

IT service providers are not subject to the distractions that in-house professionals have to deal with. This means that rapid and dynamic support can be provided even in the busiest of times. This is a considerable benefit as projects can proceed without delay, employees never have to take time out due to IT issues, and companies can be continually resilient against external influencers.

Statistics show that the average employee is only fully productive for 2 hours 53 minutes of the day. When support from professional IT providers is offered, this can be dramatically improved.

Creative Networks Solution: We offer remote support to that teams can contact a professional at any time from anywhere.

2. Access to top experts for an affordable price.

With the salary of an intermediate-level IT technician starting from £25,661 per annum, the cost of hiring full IT teams is undoubtedly high.

Managed IT service companies have a whole team of top-level professionals available for companies to access for much less cost than hiring their own talent. This also means additional suppliers are not needed for specialist work such as website development or security management.

Creative Networks Solution: Our team is made up of a range of professionals that bring a wealth of knowledge. Depending on the service you need, we will match your company with our experts to ensure the best results with every project.

3. Centralised systems that streamline business operations.

A managed IT provider will work to improve a company’s IT infrastructure so that it is easy to manage and impossible to access by malicious sources.

Having one team managing all aspects of the network means that software and hardware can be centralised with offers further efficiency benefits.

Creative Networks Solution: We offer back-up, cloud, server, and cyber security services will also help to align software and hardware solutions. This not only keeps the network running smoothly but enhances the overall employee experience making for a more positive and productive company culture. 

4. Futureproofed IT networks.

As with most industries, the IT services sector is undergoing a rapid digital transformation.

The future of IT outsourcing represents new challenges that companies must deal with. This shows that due to rising business costs, the complexity of IT requirements, and the additional needs attached to global operations, bringing in external IT support is one of the best ways to manage projects effectively.

One of the main goals of a professional IT service provider is to implement sustainable solutions. Therefore, companies are equipped for future needs and will not be left vulnerable when operation conditions inevitably change. Another benefit of using managed IT service providers for futureproofing is that scalable solutions can be implemented, allowing a company to increase and reduce operations depending on the external influencers they are dealing with.

5. Disaster recovery and contingency planning are strengthened.

Reducing risk is one of the main purposes of working with professional IT experts. Outsourced professionals have a stronger knowledge of procedures to follow, can offer a more dedicated service, and have the benefit of being external, making it easier to align all departments on a strategic level.

Creative Networks Solution: We offer disaster recovery, security risk assessment, back-up, and user awareness training services which all contribute to strong contingency planning.

6. Improved cyber security and data compliance.

82% of senior management say that cyber security is a high priority within their company. IT services that are outsourced can work with a company on every stage of their cyber security, including obtaining security compliance certifications, carrying out security risk assessments, providing vital user awareness training, and creating disaster recovery processes that help a company recovery should the worst happen.

Creative Networks Solution: We offer full cyber security and security compliance services which can be applied in varying ways to different companies de[ending on their individual needs. We take this approach as we understand no two businesses are the same and having a bespoke security plan is essential.

7. Strengthen employee experience.

Another advantage of using managed IT services is that the lines of communication are much clearer. This means that teams have just one point of contact to serve all their IT needs. This improves employee experience and helps teams work more confidently.

What Managed IT Services Do Creative Networks Offer?

As you will have gathered from the above list of benefits and your personal IT support experience, there are no solutions to elevating IT networks for companies. That is the beauty of working with an outsourced MSP as they can bring a plethora of knowledge and skills that can be matched to your own company’s needs.

Our services offer IT support for the public sector and private companies, showcasing the range of talent we can bring to companies. Having a high level of industry experience across various sectors is another benefit of working with managed IT services. It gives companies access to information they would not otherwise be privy to.

The managed IT services that we offer are the following:

Cyber Security

Cyber security is an essential form of IT protection for companies of all sizes and backgrounds. Our services include security compliance supportsecurity risk assessments, and user awareness training. We also have experts specialising in top-level security tasks such as disaster recovery and backup systems.

Whether you need support with MFA app passwords or top-level security, we treat each component of a security plan with complete professionalism.

Our own position as a security professional was also further enhanced recently when we proudly achieved safe contractor certified status. This accreditation means that our own clients benefit from this certification by proxy as we are bringing top-quality industry skills to their own teams.

IT Support

Our cloud and IT support services are also popular as many businesses don’t have the talent in-house to specialise in these. We help companies connect their teams virtually and benefit from the advanced security that cloud operations can offer.


We also offer complete Telecoms management to keep teams connected. Management of telecoms hardware and software in an expert manner is essential for reducing risk and improving productivity. Managed IT services, such as our own, can apply a uniform process to entire companies to offer efficiency in spending and sourcing.

How Do You Choose the Best IT Services Provider?

The benefits of working with a managed IT service provider are evident, but it should be noted that companies will only reap these rewards if they choose the right agency. There are many choices around, making selecting the best supplier complex.

To help you make the right decision, here are the elements that we think every company should consider when placing an IT agency to support their needs:

  • Assess the company’s case studies and reviews to understand their experience with your industry.
  • Set up an initial meeting with the team to understand initial rapport and working styles.
  • Understand what budget you must work with to ensure your chosen IT provider can meet your needs without exceeding your available spending.
  • Always choose a company that offers full remote or local support.
  • View the services offered to ensure that there are not any service gaps.

If you want to find out more about Creative Network’s managed IT services, contact us today.

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