As is the case for many other industries, technology is shaping the public sector at a rapid pace. Not only has public sector data been one of the key factors in the UK recovering from the pandemic, the technology that these companies operate with has a pivotal role to play in the UK’s positioning within various markets. 

Public sector companies are being put under more pressure than ever before, which is why we believe automation and IT support are essential now. Having a resilient setup is not just nice to have, but something that is becoming increasingly expected from public sector companies as consumers are becoming more technology aware. 

Due to industry regulations, there are many considerations to factor in when applying IT support to the public sector. The Creative Networks approach is bound in quality services that are aimed at solving the daily challenges public companies face.

Would you feel confident knowing what a public business needs to operate safely? Keep reading this article for our insights and recommendations.

What Is the Role of IT Support Within the Public Sector?

Although public sector spending on information technology has reached £17.3 billion in the past five years, the industry is still falling behind its private counterparts. IT can elevate companies and automate processes, offering many benefits such as cost-saving and consumer awareness improvements. 

Providing high-quality service is the priority for 80% of public sector companies, which means that in the modern day, IT is essential for achieving operating success. It is not just about providing a service for the public but also using technology to create streamlined processes and automated decision-making, which can help justify public interest issues such as spending and development. This is achieved by having the software available to monitor trends, analyse data, automate communications, and align digital strategies with traditional ones. 

IT support can provide the tools to improve collaboration, increase innovation, remove bias from decision-making and eliminate barriers commonly in place between the public and the companies working for them. 

It should also be considered how IT can modernise traditional ways of working. This doesn’t just offer a contemporary approach to historical processes but also improves employee experience. As well as making jobs more accessible and helping employees to work more confidently, IT support can also bridge any skills gaps being experienced, which makes for a resilient public sector company. 

Why Should a Public Sector Organisation Invest in Professional IT Support?

  • Enhanced cyber securityensures that public information is always protected. As hackers are becoming more intelligent and public records continue to be of high interest, the risks are only creasing. Professional IT support can provide 24/7 resilience, allowing public sector organisations to join the digital landscape without the risk of exposing sensitive information. 
  • Gaining trust from the public is important for public sector companies. They are working to service this audience and require their support to push projects forward. When professional IT support is demonstrated, a link between the quality of operations of a company is made in the consumer’s mind. This is the same in the private sector, as trust is necessary to achieve strategic objectives.
  • IT allows public sector companies to compete on a global scale. The future of IT outsourcinghighlights this as it confirms any organisations not equipped to compete on a digital landscape will be left behind.
  • Professional information technology networks also give companies the tools to connect with clients and suppliers. For public sector businesses, this is pivotal to success as the strength of relationships often pushes projects across the line.

As you can see, there are many ways in which IT can elevate operations within the public sector. The project that they wish to achieve will be determine the level of help which is required. To find out more, we recommend that you read our article about what the different forms of IT support are.

From in-house troubleshooting to complete outsourced departments, the public sector stands to benefit from the flexibility that IT support offers.

What Challenges Can IT Support from Creative Networks Assist Public Sector Companies With?

Tight Budgets

Creating an IT support budget will be difficult when the amount of available money to spend is low. IT support offers a huge benefit when it comes to meeting the needs of public sector spending as the packages can be tailored to support whatever amount is available to spend. 

This also means that public sector efficiency can be improved without exceeding budgets. 

Restricted Suppliers

When considering how to choose an IT support company or any other supplier to work with, there are limitations in place as to who can be chosen for the job. This can be an issue as it means that areas of vital IT support are being missed as the experts required do not meet the strict compliance levels. Not only does this stunt development, but it also makes for greater operational risk as other companies can develop whilst a public sector organisation cannot.

Our solution was to become a G-Cloud 13 registered supplier, which means we are fully permitted to work with public sector companies. This represents a way that the age-old issues of restricted suppliers can be fixed with a company that has skills in all areas of technology management.

Security Compliance

Keeping public data safe is also a considerable challenge that IT support can resolve. A professional cyber security strategy can facilitate increased online operations with reduced risk exposure. 

Communication Channels

Maintaining strong lines of communication is also important for public sector companies that are responsible for serving community members. As people are becoming increasingly technology focused, how contact is made is ever-changing. 

It is also important to consider the high levels of contact required from public sector companies which can put an impossible demand on teams. By utilising IT support, automation and remote collaboration can be facilitated to help improve this ongoing issue. 

What Types of Industry Accreditation’s Can IT Support Provide for Public Sector Businesses?

Accreditations are necessary for public companies in two ways. 

Firstly, any company chosen as a supplier must meet these criteria as it shows they are a trusted partner operating professionally. The other way is by public sector companies achieving the certifications as this promotes transparent operations, which are often the subject of public interest. 

We are holders of IS0-27001ISO-9001, and ISO-22301, all worldwide recognised certifications of excellence. These standards ensure that security is met, quality standards are high, and all operations are carried out with IT excellence being paramount. 

How Can Creative Networks Help Companies Within the Public Sector?

IT Support agencies offer many benefits to public sector companies due to the plethora of services. You will probably have found this out for yourself when researching what exactly it is that IT companies do.

The services that we recommend from our portfolio for public sector companies are the following:

  • Cyber security services which include cyber risk assessments, user awareness training, security compliance support, and cyber security toolkit services. These services are perfect for public sector companies of all sizes as they provide bespoke ways to manage the ongoing risk that these companies face.
  • Cloud and server services which facilitate successful online working. This allows teams to be connected from anywhere and provides vast improvements to efficiency which the public sector is often criticised for lacking. Cloud computing offers companies a way to also reduce spending on traditional set-ups and harness the power of hybrid which is transforming the way that people work all over the world.
  • Our backup services also ensure that public data is never lost and that it can be always accessed safely. This service ensures that data loss and system errors never result in delays to the recruitment process. We can manage your data and software to ensure that everything is protected so that employees of all levels can operate more confidently.
  • Remote IT support for teams is also a popular service for the public sector companies that we work with as it means help is always available. Issues can arise at anytime and when public safety is concerned, the importance of rectifying this is enhanced. Whether your teams need help logging onto a system or require top level strategic support, these services cover everything.
  • We also provide Microsoft 365and Telecommunications services (PhonesCloudMobile and 3CX), which facilitate operations throughout the public sector. 

Choose IT Support from Creative Networks

Creating efficient IT networks is important for any company, but even more so for public sector organisations who have public interests to care about. At Creative Networks, we have proven experience of supporting public companies in achieving the high levels of security and operating excellence that are needed to meet public demands.

To find out more, you can read our latest case studies or contact us.

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