ISO 27001 has experienced a global growth rate of 20% in recent years, showcasing its growing popularity across various markets. Businesses often spend time and energy knowing how to implement ISO 27001. Still, we are here today to get you thinking about the preparation phases that provide the initial foundation for success.

As with any compliance award, preparing means setting a business up for achieving its goals. When it comes to ISO standards, this includes every stakeholder concerned with that particular area of operations. In the case of ISO 27001, this is the protection of a fully functioning ISMS.

We have previously shared many insights into the make-up of this award, such as how many clauses ISO 27001 features and the mandatory requirements. In this article, we are scaling things back and chatting about the preparation phases at Creative Networks; we have seen this result in compliance victory for many.

Instead of diving straight into the trialling and process phases, read this article to understand why prep and scoping are just as important. Without them, we think you will find the entire process that bit more complex.

What Is ISO 27001?

The key to preparing sufficiently for an award is knowing what goals you are trying to reach. With that in mind, we wanted to share more information about how ISO 27001 works and what it represents.

ISO 27001 (Information Security) is an internationally relevant compliance measure for Information Security Management. The compliance standard puts people, processes, and technology at the centre of operations, resulting in a brief resilience against cyber risks. ISO 27001 also unites different organisational departments to improve the safety of data and information as it is being interacted with. Businesses with this accreditation can work more confidently by promoting a constant awareness of Information Security Management Systems.

The far-reaching impact that ISO 27001 makes showcases why company-wide preparation is imperative to success. From giving people the right knowledge to ensuring testing is done properly, every contributing factor should be considered during the prep phase.

Why Are The Preparation Stages Key To ISO 27001 Success?

Uniform Team Understanding

Creating a collaborative culture is critical to high-level performance, and one of the best ways to ensure this is by providing knowledge. The prep phase of ISO 27001 ensures everyone understands what is expected of them and has a view of the end objectives. If you dive straight into the process, vital understandings can be lost, making it hard to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Long-Term Success

The ISO 27001 certification is valid for three years as compliance is maintained. This is a long time in business years, which elevated preparation ensures is not a risky factor. Prepping for adoption not only means that the ISMS framework is likely to be more robust, but it ensures that the infrastructure is resilient to cyber threats for a period of time. This can even extend beyond the award being held if recertification is not chosen.

Cyber Resilience

Global cybercrime is expected to hit $8 trillion by the end of 2023. This shockingly high amount will keep rising over the coming years as hackers aim to take advantage of increasingly digital markets.

Proper planning is essential as it will provide a responsive management process that can protect an ISMS no matter the risks. This is why there is a wide range of ISO 27001 requirements, as the award provides support against a plethora of attack forms.

How To Prepare For ISO 27001?

How To Prepare For ISO 27001?

Now that you know preparation is so important, we will share our steps for getting sufficiently ready for ISO 27001 processes and compliance.

Step One – Choose when to start the accreditation process. Committing to becoming ISO 27001 certified is a big decision, so you must decide if your business is ready. Contributing factors include budgets, available time, operations maturity and stakeholders’ position.

Step Two – Use the initial clauses to share information with stakeholders. Next up, you should arm everyone with the knowledge they will need to succeed, as uniform levels of understanding are essential. This should include information on what the ISO 27001 standard is, company goals and the responsibilities that will be expected.

Step Three – Find an ISO expert to support your awarding journey. This is optional but will make the whole process much easier. At Creative Networks, we offer full ISO 27001 support that ensures companies are properly prepared for certification.

Step Four – Set policies and create a standard process for documentation. The policies included within ISO 27001 set the president for the entire certification process. They should be defined in line with the main objectives and the controls that form ISO 27001. Process owners also need to be confirmed.

Step Five – Understanding the scope and performing initial gap analysis assessments.

Defining the scope of the ISO needs is essential and can be performed via a professional gap analysis. Your chosen ISMS team can use these findings to define processes, highlight recommendations, and create the future auditing processes on which the award is founded. By building policies from work like this, they will likely be stronger and more resilient to cybercrime as time passes.

Step Six – Perform an official internal ISO audit and implement recommendations. A formal internal audit should then be carried out that mimics the official ISO objectives. Any remaining issues will then be highlighted so that remedies can be determined.

Step Seven – Check in with initial scoping goals. A key part of any prep work is checking back in with initial goals to ensure the initial objectives have been met. This could be assessing scoping outcomes, ensuring team members are still in place, or even looking at the wider business structure versus the newly found requirements of the ISMS.  This process can also be repeated as many times as you require until you find no holes in your ISMS resilience.

Step Eight – Trigger the formal application process. Now that you are fully prepared and knowledge has been trickled down into every ISMS stakeholder, the formal application can take place!

How Can Proper ISO 27001 Preparation Make Certification Easier?

Achieving this award takes a lot of work. In fact, it can take up to a year for companies to become ISO 27001 compliant. Putting in the groundwork will mean the entire process is likely to run more smoothly. This might sound obvious, but it is vital as people and processes underpin a successful ISO 27001 award.

Many of the preparation phases also require documentation to be collated that will then be required for the official ISO audits. Creating these processes via formal preparation is the best way to eliminate the chance of issues as they would have been collated via actual findings. The stronger these factors are, the more resilient a company can be to cyber risks.

Lastly, including people in the process from the prep phase provides a much deeper understanding and connection to the compliance standard. Embedding the processes into a company culture also means that when new people join, the risks are not heightened. Instead, training and onboarding can be carried out without exposing the ISMS to malicious activity.

Choose Creative Networks For ISO 27001 Support

Choose Creative Networks For ISO 27001 Support

If you need support with any of the preparation, implementation or management phases, our ISO 27001 services are perfect for you. We have experience working with various budgets across various sectors and with companies of differing ISMS maturity, meaning no challenge is too much for us.

The cost to implement ISO 27001 can run into tens of thousands for some companies. This means understanding how to become ISO 27001 certified most efficiently is essential. With benefits including being searchable online as an ISO 27001 holder, improved brand image and enhanced cyber resilience being just a few positives, you should manage ISO planning the right way.

Contact our team to learn more.

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