If you have considered outsourcing a task, then you are not alone, as 70% of British companies outsource business operations. For companies that want to elevate performance efficiently, outsourcing offers the perfect solution.

For a cost-effective investment, a whole plethora of skills and knowledge can be leveraged by companies. Outsourcing IT is not a new idea but has continued to build momentum over the past few years. By 2030, the global outsourced IT services market is predicted to be worth $1065.10 bn.

Outsourced IT services relate to IT solutions and digital tasks that can help everyone in a company, from sales to the supply chain. Do you want to harness the power of IT outsourcing? Keep reading to learn how!

What is IT Service Outsourcing?

When a company brings in support from an external agency to carry out their IT tasks, outsourced IT takes place. Designed to help companies of all budgets and sizes operate with professional IT systems, the services cover a wide range of activities, including software, hardware, cyber security, and telecoms.

IT support can relate to anything that requires information technology as a tool. Outsourced IT services allow each aspect of an IT infrastructure to be managed remotely so that internal teams can focus on other tasks.

What are the Benefits of Outsourcing IT Services?

What are the Benefits of Outsourcing IT Services?

Companies are all different, which is one of the reasons that outsourced IT is such a popular solution. IT outsourced services can be uniquely applied to each business from the same service provider.

IT demands are just as important whether a business is just starting or fully established.

Some of the main advantages of outsourcing IT services include the following:

  • Outsourcing IT services makes financial sense. Each component of a successful IT network can be managed via one service provider. This also removes the need to invest in in-house full-time IT professionals if a company is looking to streamline their spending on staff.
  • Internal staff do not have to worry about IT management or issues if an outsourced service provider has taken control. This means more focus on their day jobs, sure to offer productivity improvements.
  • Compliance is managed more strategically as IT service providers can take a top-level approach. This ensures that processes can be adhered to and woven into the overall IT strategy.
  • Access is provided 24/7 to a team of experts, meaning employees feel supported and IT security is always monitored.
  • Outsourced IT services are also the perfect addition to companies that want to harness the power of scaling. The versatility of the support means that services can be intensified or reduced depending on what investment the business needs to make at any one time.
  • Software and hardware procedures can be centralised. This offers streamlined, managed processes and provides a clear view of IT networks.

What Business Can Use Outsourced IT Services?

If you are reading this article but thinking, “is my business suitable for IT outsourcing” we can confirm that you are!

For small companies, outsourcing IT services proves ideal as it means professional support can be acquired without hiring full-time team members. This is likely to reason that 37% of UK small businesses outsourced IT support in 2022. Larger companies also find benefits from outsourcing IT services as it means that aspects such as cyber security are not compromised despite the vast operating scale. As a representation, in 2022, 92% of the G2000 companies outsourced IT services.

Outsourcing IT services is also a popular choice for industries undergoing digital transformations. Let’s take the future of outsourcing IT for accountants as an example. As an industry that is traditionally paper-based in its processes, digital requirements can be challenging to navigate. Modern ways of working now mean there are requirements to use cloud software and industry programmes to improve data safety. This can be a daunting prospect for practices operating offline for many years.

By outsourcing IT services to a professional agency, the company can quickly undergo a complete digital transformation without needing to impact the daily tasks that greet them.

It should also be noted that IT support for the public sector and private companies are equally in demand.

What IT Services do Companies Outsource?

What IT Services do Companies Outsource?

Cyber Security

With 99% of organisations having outsourced at least one part of their cyber security workload, it will be no surprise that this is one of the most commonly outsourced IT services. As a critical aspect of company safety, bringing in a specialist agency to manage the task is common practice.

Not only does this improve resilience against cyber-attacks, but it means that a company’s employees can work more efficiently as they are not constantly concerned about data breaches.

Creative Network’s Services:

As well as our strategic cyber security management services, we also offer full employee training via our sessions. To ensure companies always stay on top of their security responsibilities, we also provide support to achieve and remain security compliant. At Creative Networks, we are ISO-27001 certified and provide additional support for both ISO-9001 and ISO-22301.

Other services include carrying out security risk assessments and penetration testing to help define issues and resolve them in a speedy manner.

We are also Safe Contractor Certified which represents the high levels of excellence that we can provide to companies.

IT Support

Outsourcing IT support can include anything from help desk assistance to company-wide troubleshooting services. This is a popular function to outsource as it can offer internal IT managers the assistance they need to focus on more pressing matters. It can also be used as an alternative to having full-time IT support personnel in-house.

With each function standing to benefit, this is another service that is very much in demand. To learn more, check out our blog about the different types of IT support.

Creative Network’s Services:

Alongside our full IT support services which include all levels of assistance, we also offer targeted IT support just for IT managers.

Cloud Management

Cloud computing services are an essential part of most companies’ IT networks. With the power to enhance productivity and security, the benefits of adopting a cloud-based network are ample.

Cloud services are commonly outsourced as implementing and managing them can take up lots of time if not managed by experts. They also need to be security enriched and integrated into the organisation’s cyber planning if they are to be a success. For this reason, many companies choose to bring in an IT agency’s support.

Creative Network’s Services:

We are no strangers to helping companies make the most of cloud working at Creative Networks. Alongside our Microsoft 365 services, we also offer solutions for implementing hosted desktops, cloud-managed backups, disaster recovery, and virtualisation.

Hardware and Software

Maintaining continuity across the tools that teams have access to is important. Not only does it ensure cost efficiency but supports cyber security efforts. Managing IT software and hardware can be a timely task which is why it is commonly outsourced. This allows companies to hire efficiently, manage changing project needs, and always maintain budgets.

Creative Network’s Services:

As far as hardware is concerned, we offer managed print solutions and network management services. We also specialise in software services including Microsoft 365 and WordPress to name just a couple.

Website Management

Many companies also outsource the creation and ongoing management of websites. Not only does the task require expert attention, but it also needs constant support to maintain aspects such as SEO, security, and user experience.

Creative Network’s Services:

Our team are WordPress experts with a passion for creating professional websites. We also offer services to build bespoke websites and assist with every ongoing maintenance stage.

Choose IT Services from Creative Networks

When you choose IT support from our team, you can rest assured in knowing that everything is being managed professionally. Get in touch to find out more.

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