In 2023, more than 60% of companies use managed service providers. Offering a way for companies to maintain healthy and robust networks, IT MSPs are a popular solution across all industries. With 44% of CIOs willing to outsource now compared to five years ago, we believe this overall usage of managed service providers will continue to grow in popularity.

You will likely know what an MSP is, but are you aware of the services on offer? As the name would suggest, managed service providers take a hands-on approach to keeping IT infrastructures running without a hitch.

Continue reading to learn what dynamic MSPs can offer for organisations.

What is an MSP?

A managed service provider (MSP) is a third-party company that delivers ongoing IT support and management for organisations. They are responsible for supplying a range of services covering network, software, security, application, and data needs. As a managed service provider, the Creative Networks IT support areas of coverage represent the areas that companies can look after.

MSPs provide their services remotely, offering companies a way to outsource essential IT functions to professional agencies. As the future of IT outsourcing represents a trend for standard business practices, MSPs are set to become a staple part of IT infrastructures for more companies over the coming years.

Responsible for delivery strategy and implementation, MSPs are a popular choice as IT support for the public sector as they offer a secure operating solution. They are also popular amongst private companies as they provide a cost-effective way to maintain networks and reduce risk.

What Services do Managed IT Providers Offer?

What Services do Managed IT Providers Offer?

Managed IT service providers can offer something different for every business. Considering what IT support companies do, it is easy to see how diverse the offerings are. MSPs are unique as they allow companies to complete and outsource entire projects for 24/7 management.


The services that you can expect to find available from MSPs are the following:

Cloud Systems and Hosting

Cloud computing is worth $12 bn in the UK. MSPs are responsible for executing and supporting cloud environments to improve overall security.

The virtualisation activities involve transferring employees, processes, and applications to a digital equivalent. A managed service provider will be able to not only advise on cloud management strategy but also carry out the configurations of these services. The migration must be handled professionally as it brings additional risk of data exposure.

Managed cloud hosting is an ongoing service that MSPs offer as maintaining security is a daily challenge which, if left unmanaged, can result in breaches. We offer hosted desktop solutions and Microsoft 365 management as part of our cloud and data centre management services.  

Server and Backup Management

MSPs also offer services for keeping servers fully functional and ensuring data is backed up correctly.

The server is responsible for maintaining operations as it combines all apps and programmes a company uses daily. Virtual servers are a popular choice for modern companies as they reduce risk, allow for outsourced management, and can be updated more regularly to improve operating efficiency.

Backing up data from the server is essential for maintaining records. Managed service providers offer this service remotely so that all content is safely stored digitally, freeing up systems to run more quickly without a high level of data at any one time.

We offer managed backup and server/network management services as part of our MSP solutions.

Cyber Security

82% of UK senior managers consider cyber security a high priority. MSPs offer complete cyber security management services that evaluate risks, advise on strategy, implement ongoing support processes, and resolve breaches. Maintaining a secure network is ongoing, so many companies outsource the job.

Managed service providers can provide a targeted way of dealing with cyber security as it is often their sole focus for a company. They can also take a bird’s eye view of risks that internal staff would sometimes miss.

As an MSP with cybersecurity expertise, we are passionate about this service offering. That is why we have developed a set of products which include security risk assessments, security compliance, user awareness training, vulnerability management, and penetration testing.

It is also worth considering the ever-changing landscape of cyber security. This requires IT experts to constantly have their fingers on the pulse of the latest risks, changes, and trends to ensure a strong resilience against risks. MSPs are able to offer this completely, taking away the need for internal teams to spend time they don’t have on worrying about security resilience.

Applications Management

All companies have a range of applications that will need to be used by their employees. Whether it’s an industry-specific app or a widely used management tool, each brings its own risks regarding data exposure.

MSPs, therefore, offer services to manage applications in several ways. They can help companies with the initial configuration and alignment to servers to ensure that ongoing usage is facilitated. This could be something as simple as creating Microsoft 365 accounts or connecting something more bespoke such as a CRM programme.

As an ongoing measure, MSPs are also responsible for maintaining the programme’s continued usage, including its security settings, integrating updates to servers, and ensuring the overall IT infrastructure strategy is maintained.

As an extension to these services, we also help with deeper security-level items, such as creating robust MFA app passwords.

What is the Goal of a Managed Service Provider?

What is the Goal of a Managed Service Provider?

The purpose of a managed service provider is to offer ongoing support with business-critical IT elements. By managing the task hands-on, these agencies can ensure better compliance and reduce the overall operating risk for the entire network.

MSPs also offer a way to seamlessly extend a team with third-party assistance. A main goal is also to offer a high level of service that elevates business operations not just from an IT perspective but across the board.

What are the Benefits of Using Managed IT Service for Business?

  • Speedy Resolutions – MSPs solely focus on projects meaning risks can be identified quicker and issues resolved sooner. This improves productivity, offers financial security, and helps teams work more confidently, having knock-on effects in the broader business.
  • Access to Expertise – By working with an entire team and not just one person, you benefit from a wide range of IT knowledge that can elevate every aspect of your business. MSPs have experts in all fields, from security to applications. This allows companies to invest in one team instead of multiple professionals, ensuring a better return on investment.
  • Less Commitment – A huge benefit of outsourcing IT tasks to an MSP is that you do not commit that you would with a hired team. This means that when companies are looking to scale or reduce their spending, they can do so efficiently. MSPs also often work to meet company budgets, as the entire process is based on collaboration.
  • Focused Support – MSPs also offer more targeted support which in-house teams can sometimes not provide. By working remotely, they focus solely on the services they are tasked with, resulting in improved performance.
  • Efficient Spending – Paying a full-time salary would cost more than outsourcing IT service desk support. Using an MSP reduces staffing spend and means that application spend efficiency is improved. The financial risk attached to security breaches can be high; some working with a professionally managed service provider can also reduce the chance of being financially impacted by a data breach or software error.

Choose Creative Networks for your MSP Needs.

As a certified Safe Contractor and a company with experience supporting many businesses with our MSP solutions, we are the perfect option for all businesses. Whether you need complete service support or help with one element of your IT infrastructure, we can create a bespoke solution for you.

If you want to operate confidently, knowing your IT network is robust and ready for anything, contact us today.


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