What is Outsourced IT Support

It’s official; outsourcing is the new hiring. Let us tell you why.

Global spending on IT outsourcing is predicted to reach $430.5 billion by the end of 2023, which shows the magnitude that this form of IT service management has. This also represents the high level of trust that companies worldwide place in IT service agencies to look after their operations and elevate performance.

Outsourcing might sound like a straightforward term, but when applied to the vast world of IT, it is important to understand exactly what services are included. If you want to alleviate technology stress and improve your company’s resilience, continue reading to learn more about outsourced IT support services.

What Is Meant by Outsourced IT Support?

IT outsourcing is the name given to the alignment with an external agency or service provider to deliver IT support. This covers all IT forms, including software, hardware, cyber security, and telecoms.

IT support is a broad term which can relate to anything from help desk queries to top-level strategic inputs that shape an entire IT infrastructure. Outsourcing means companies of all sizes can benefit from professional support and assistance without investing heavily in onsite IT teams.

Outsourced IT support can also be delivered in-person and virtually from the third-party provider. This means that companies looking to bring in support have a wide range of service providers available depending on their requirements.

IT outsourcing is also an important component of a company’s scaling, as these teams often facilitate dynamic business changes. No matter what form of IT assistance you require, if an external agency provides it, it is classed as outsourced support.

What Services Are Covered by Outsourced IT Support?

IT support covers everything from password resetting to entire network cyber security management. The function itself can be customised to suit individual needs which is one of the reasons that it is a popular service to outsource. The main services that are referred to under this heading include the following:

Cyber Security

With 99% of organisations having outsourced at least one part of their cyber security workload, it will be no surprise that this is one of IT support’s most commonly outsourced elements.

Cyber security is an element of any company’s IT network that needs constant management and observation. If issues arise or gaps appear, even a matter of a couple of minutes could be the difference between a successful resolution or having a much larger issue.

IT support in relation to cyber security refers to many aspects, which consist of the following:

  • Training team members via user awareness sessions to ensure each employee knows the risks and how to identify possible threats.
  • Providing support to achieve and remain security compliant. At Creative Networks, we are ISO-27001 certified and provide additional support for both ISO-9001 and ISO-22301.
  • Carrying out security risk assessments and penetration testing to continually assess the cyber network’s strength and then actively work on implementing changes required.
  • Dealing with phishing and scam alerts in the form of unknown access attempts, software breaches, and email scams. MSPs have a responsibility to resolve issues and ensure a company is resilient against these threats.

Another critical element is that when working with an outsourced company, the business in question automatically benefits from any accreditations that the provider has. This is important within security management as customers and competitors will look favourably at a company if they are working with high-profile professionals. For example, Creative Networks recently became a safe contractor, which means we meet high levels of data and operating compliance.

Daily IT Support

This is probably the service that springs to mind for most people, which is the traditional IT support service. Including everything from employee account admin to software account setups, outsourcing this aspect of IT management means that response times are quicker.

The various tasks covered by IT support are normally set out in different tiers relating to the type of work that is included. These can be defined as the following:

Outsourced operations are referred to as Level 4 IT support. This includes all of the items listed above but means a third-party MSP carries them out. Other services included within outsourced IT support in this form include server maintenance and backup recovery management.

Cloud Optimisation

41.4% of business leaders plan to increase their use of cloud software in 2023.

The cloud offers many positives for companies but poses additional risks if the security is not managed sufficiently. IT outsourced support can implement secure cloud networks that facilitate global collaboration with reduced risk.

MSP’s can help implement bespoke cloud systems, connect employees, improve data sharing security, and produce a centralised system that is ideal for scalable operations.


Outsourced IT providers support when it comes to both software and hardware. One of the most common forms of equipment support is telecoms.

Companies must be equipped for modern communication needs as the world becomes increasingly digital. Therefore, IT service providers are responsible for seamlessly implementing solutions connecting clients and customers. They also then look after the daily running of these systems and work to resolve any issues that arise.

Our services within this category include managing phone systemscloud telecomsmobile, and 3CX products.

What Are the Benefits of Outsourced IT Support?

  • Outsourcing IT support is financially savvy. Companies can reduce spend compared to the cost of employing people full-time and dealing with multiple specialists to ensure your entire IT infrastructure is working powerfully.
  • Access is provided 24/7 to a team of experts, meaning employees always feel supported. This is also important for companies operating within different time zones, as security and operations are always being monitored.
  • Compliance is improved so you can work efficiently knowing that you legally adhere to industry-relevant procedures. The cost of managing specific compliance certifications in-house can soon mount up. Having an external team means that audits and adherence can be managed professionally without internal teams stepping away from their day jobs.
  • You can extend your team without having the full-time commitment, which supports reactive decision-making. Many companies favour MSPs as they can offer full support in all areas of IT support. If this skill base was not available, it would mean that if a new project requirement arose, the process of recruiting a new employee would have to take place.
  • You can scale comfortably as our professional team will create a structure that adapts to your business’s operations.
  • Software and hardware procedures can be centralised. This offers streamlined, managed processes and provides a clear view of IT networks. Not only does this mean financial stability is easier to achieve, but it takes the guesswork out of decision-making.

Which Sectors Can Benefit from Outsourced IT Support?

All industries can benefit from outsourcing IT support. The beauty of the function is that it can be tailored to specific business needs.

Creative Networks offers IT support for the public sector and private limited companies.

Outsourced IT support is a brilliant solution if a company struggles to maintain their IT networks, is worried about security risks, or is subject to rapid change.

IT outsourced support is also an excellent option for those operating in sectors undergoing digital transformations. An example of this is the financial industry, as the future of outsourcing IT for accountants offers very different processes to those that are currently typically adopted.

You can view our case studies here to better understand how many different types of companies look to IT outsourcing as their preferred management method.

Can You Completely Replace Internal Teams with Outsourced IT Support?

Yes, you can. Outsourced IT support can be used in addition to internal IT professionals or instead of having them.

This is achieved thanks to the professional experts that are hired to work for IT agencies, such as our own, who put security and collaboration at the core of every project.

Choosing to outsource IT services as the sole option is ideal for new companies, those with a smaller turnover, or businesses looking to scale back operations without impacting IT productivity.

Choose Your New Outsourced It Support Company Today!

Outsourcing doesn’t mean losing control.

When companies bring in third-party professionals to support their IT objectives, a higher level of strategic collaboration can be achieved. IT support is essential for maintaining a strong and safe business.

Please get in touch to find out how Creative Networks could provide these services for your business.

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